The impression namespace is the top-level namespace for the Base Class Framework.

The Base Class Framework provides the basic building blocks for creating an Impression shell (called a Runtime Engine, or RTE). The MyShell sample runtime included with the RTE DevKit illustrates one way of how to use the BCF to create a shell.

 packageDescription The namespace contains event classes dispatched by the framework.  
 impression.persistence The impression.persistence namespace contains classes for working with data. The namespace contains classes that support impression-specific datatypes.  
 impression.players The impression.players namespace contains classes to playback specific storyboard types.  
 impression.players.sequencers The impression.players.sequencers namespace contains classes to support the playback of sequencer storyboard types.  
 impression.resolver The impression.resolver namespace contains classes for managing the loading of external assets.  
 impression.simulation The impression.simulation namespace contains interfaces for simulations.  
 impression.utilities The impression.utilities namespace contains support classes.