A revolutionary platform for courseware development

Why you'll love Impression

The revolutionary, data-driven approach to courseware development.

Data-Driven Architecture

The key to the Impression framework is its open-format, data-driven approach to content development.

The Impression platform uses industry-standard XML to store learning content, including instructional text, media layout and references, student feedback and remediation, and sequencing and control instructions.

This data is created by instructional designers and subject matter experts with the Impression Content Creation Tool (CCT), a program that’s as powerful as it is easy to use. The XML output is read by a project-specific Runtime Engine, which acts as a player and presentation system, managing student interactions, controlling lesson flow, and reporting the results back to a Learning Management System.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Each project's Runtime Engine is created using the Impression Base Class Framework, a library of source code objects available in Javascript, Adobe Actionscript, and C# that provide the basic building blocks of a player, including XML parsing, visual layout, interaction management, state control, scoring, and LMS data. Our philosophy of "create, don't customize" ensures that the needs of the project, not the limitations of the toolset, drive the deliverable design.

Simulation and Gaming

Use Impression for more than traditional courseware. Logicdriven and our customers have successfully integrated the Impression framework with gaming environments and toolchains, including Unity 3D, GLStudio, and Deep Creator.

Using Impression for simulation and gaming has saved our customers significant amounts of development effort, particularly when compared to traditional “from-scratch” methods.

Save Time and Money

The Impression CCT gives content authors the ability to directly produce courseware; no hand-off required. If a change in wording or instructional flow needs to be made, it can be done in a matter of moments.

Using a single Runtime Engine eliminates the need for tedious copy and paste regardless of the size of your project—the more content you produce, the more time and effort is saved.

The open-format XML created with Impression can be reused to create instructor-led training or repurposed as student or instructor guides, job sheets, or other printed materials

Part of the Solution

Since each runtime is created specifically to meet your project's needs, integration with external materials is not a problem. Impression-based runtimes have been created to interface with custom hardware, external simulation processes, and both industry-standard and custom Learning Management Systems. With full access to the source code, anything is possible!

More Information

Click here to view a sample lesson created with Impression using the HTML5/Javascript Developer's Kit, or click here to view a sample lesson created using the Actionscript 3 Developer's Kit.

If you want to see how these lessons were created, download the appropriate sample database archive from the support page, unzip the archive, and open the .MDB file in the Content Creation Tool.  If you don't have a licensed copy of the CCT, you can still download and install it, but you will not be able to edit the sample databases, only view them.