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Last modified: 3 Dec 2015

Media Subfolder Support

Starting with version 3.11 build 1227, the Impression Content Creation Tool supports media subfolders.  Media subfolder support allows assets to be organized in any fashion deemed appropriate to the project, and can be used along with the token-based organization capabilities provided by previous versions of the CCT.

The December 2015 release of the Impression Packager utility includes subfolder support.  If you use the packager, make sure to upgrade to the latest version.

Enabling Media Subfolder Support

To enable media subfolder support, check the box marked "supports media subdirectories" on the Media/Reports tab of the Project Properties dialog.

When enabled, the standard asset picker dialog is replaced with a standard Windows open file dialog.  If no asset is currently selected, the dialog will open in the project's media root folder.  From here, you can navigate to any subfolder to select an asset.  If an asset is currently selected, the dialog opens in the appropriate subfolder with the asset selected.  The Preview pane on the right side of the dialog will show a preview of the asset, if one is available.

Although you can navigate to any folder with the open file dialog, you can only select media assets located in the media root or any of its descendants.  Attempting to select an asset outside of the media root will display an error message.  You can use the "Clear Selection" button to deselect and close the dialog.

Technical Notes