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Last modified: 1 February 2012


Starting with version 3.7, the Impression Content Creation Tool includes two methods for licensing; the CCT hardware dongle, and a per-machine license.

Without a license, the CCT can still function in Read-Only mode.  In this mode, the CCT cannot be used to edit lesson content—all other features work normally.  The CCT can be installed on an unlimited number of machines at no cost; only licensed workstations can edit content.

CCT Hardware Dongle

The hardware dongle has been supported by the Impression CCT since its original release.  This USB key allows you to easily switch between machines (for example, at work and at home) by simply plugging the dongle into a workstation.

The USB key is a driverless device and will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.  Although Microsoft Virual PC does not support the dongle, VMware Workstation does support the dongle when running the CCT in a virtual environment.  The USB key is classified by Windows as a Human Interface Device (HID), similar to a USB mouse or keyboard.


Although the CCT does not write any data to the dongle, the dongle does contain 4K worth of writable memory.  If you are producing content in an environment that restricts the use of USB memory sticks (flash drives), consult your administrator or security manager to see if the dongle can be used in your environment.  If the dongle cannot be used, contact Logicdriven to replace the dongle with per-machine licenses.

If the CCT is not using a per-machine license, it will periodically check for the presence of the dongle while running.  If the dongle is not found, a dialog is presented to the user offering several options.  These options are:

Unlicensed Software Dialog

CCT Licensing

New to version 3.7 and higher, the Impression CCT supports a per-machine software license.

Requesting and Activating a License

The license provided to you is a machine-specific license.  Logicdriven will generate a license for your specific machine based on information provided by you.

To request a license, select Activate from the Unlicensed Software dialog, or choose the Licensing option from the Help menu of the Groups window.  The CCT License dialog will be shown.

Choose Create Software Activation Request.  The CCT Activation Request window will be shown, containing the information you need to send to Logicdriven to receive your activation code.  You can copy the text from this window, or create an email with the data in the window.  Ensure your company and/or purchase information is included, and send the request to Logicdriven.  If you accidentally close the window or run into an issue when emailing the request, you can use the Get Activation Request to retrieve the previously generated request.

You will receive an email from Logicdriven with your activation code.  Return to the CCT License window, and choose the Activate Software link.  Enter your code into the box provided, then choose Activate.  The CCT is now licensed.

Deactivating a License

The CCT license can be freely moved across machines, but can be active on only one computer at a time.  You can transfer the license between machines, or you can deactivate the software on a machine and contact Logicdriven when you're ready to activate a different workstation.

Deactivating a license is very similar to activating.  Begin by creating a Deactivation Request, and mailing the request to Logicdriven.  You will receive a set of deactivation codes from Logicdriven.  Enter these codes into the deactivation dialog, then choose Deactivate.  The software will be deactivated.


Once the software has been deactivated, the deactivation results must be sent to Logicdriven for verification.

License Transfers

You don't need to deactivate the software with Logicdriven if both machines (the currently licensed machine and the machine to transfer the license to) are accessible.  Instead, you can create a License Transfer File to move the license between machines.

To transfer the license from Machine A to Machine B, perform the following steps:

  1. On Machine B:  Create a license transfer file using the link in the CCT License dialog.  Copy this file to Machine A.
  2. On Machine A:  Use the Transfer License to File link to remove the license from Machine A and store it in the license transfer file.  Copy this file back to Machine B.
  3. On Machine B:  Use the Import Transferred License to remove the license from the file and store it on Machine B.

The license transfer file can be safely deleted.


If you find yourself transferring licenses frequently, consider using the USB key.  Contact Logicdriven for more information.