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Last modified: 15 September 2016

Deprecated Components

As of 15 September 2016, the Impression CCT will no longer support visual preview for animations developed using Adobe Actionscript 2. You will still be able to add step information and preview in your existing runtimes, but the CCT will not be able to control the animation or retrieve step data.

As of 1 Feburary 2012, the following Impression components have been deprecated.  No further work will be performed on these components.

CCT Guide

The CCT Guide provided a mechanism to allow content creators to create an HTML document to be used as supporting material for a lesson, particularly in cases where the content is used for instructor-led training.

For those use cases where an instructor should have access to lesson material that should not be presented to students, Logicdriven recommends developing an instructor-specific runtime engine that presents an alternate view of the data shown to students.  Storyboard Commands are recommended when instructor-specific data cannot be entered into the standard storyboard fields; Command storyboards can also be used to display additional data to the instructure—the "student" runtime should filter instructor-specific Command storyboards out of any LessonMap object.  The Flash LocalConnection object or Javascript (triggered by calls to ExternalInterface) can be used to keep the student runtime and the instructor runtime in sync.

CCT 3.x versions will keep the ability to edit guides, but guide-related project properties will not be shown unless the project properties currently specify guide support.  For new content databases that require the guide, use an exported project properties XML file from an existing project that supports the guide; or import one of the example project properties files from the Impression LCF disk image.

Runtime Hosting Utility

The Runtime Hosting Utility (RHU) is a very simple program intended to support previewing of a runtime.

The RHU has a number of limitations that preclude further development:  it requires that the runtime use a specific mechanism for identifying the lesson XML file and media path, this mechanism requires the use of the Flash fscommand function, HTML/Javascript runtime wrappers cannot be used or tested, and support for additional popup windows is limited.

Logicdriven recommends using its htmlHost tool for previewing.  htmlHost combines a localhost web server and an instance of Internet Explorer to allow previewing of a runtime hosted on an HTML page.  Since the pages are served from an actual HTTP server, content will run in the exact same fashion as it would on a production web site (in general).  htmlHost includes explicit support for working as a hosting platform for CCT previews, and allows for a much more robust preview environment.  pages written to use htmlHost can support the fscommand-based lesson/mediapath mechanism that RHU-compatible runtimes use, as well as more modern approaches.  htmlHost can also be used for delivery in environments where a traditional web server is not available.

htmlHost includes extensive documentation.  Logicdriven has a support article available describing the use of htmlHost as a CCT hosting tool.  The RHU will continue to be included on the Impression LCF disk image.

Actionscript 2 Base Class Framework

The Actionscript 2 Base Class Framework (AS2 BCF) is a collection of Flash Actionscript (Actionscript 2) source code used to create runtime engines.

Adobe shipped Flash 9, the first version to include Actionscript 3 (AS3) support, in 2007 (over 4 years ago as of this writing).  Since then, most workstations (including workstations managed by US DoD agencies) have upgraded their Flash Players to a version that supports Actionscript 3.  The Actionscript 3 BCF includes additional functionality not supported in Actionscript 2, and most, if not all, organizations doing Flash development have moved to AS3.

Logicdriven recommends all new runtime engine development be done in AS3.  The AS3 BCF supports Flash 9 or higher.  The AS2 BCF will continue to be included on the Impression LCF disk image and available for download from the Impression LCF website.